Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Exceprt From the Christmas Letter

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Every year my parents send out a letter to their Christmas list. I don't like it. That's putting it mildly. For the most part my feelings can be summed up as, if you haven't bothered to be in touch all year, do you really care what's been going on all year?

As always I was asked to contribute a few paragraphs about my life. An excerpt follows:

His girlfriend has not yet come to her senses and left him. Key word - yet. They contribute to the economy as often as possible traveling to Maine, Southern California, Annapolis and DC this year without the kids and to Maine, and Orlando with the kids. Chris also had solo trips to Santa Fe (go there), Boston, NYC, Roanoke and Toronto. Neither John, 8, or Emma, 5, are currently incarcerated, though Chris fears that Emma’s shoe dependency problem may lead her to a life of crime. John had a great year playing on an undefeated baseball team, and was there with his Dad at the Ballpark when the Phils clinched the pennant. John said it was the greatest moment of his life. Then we won it all!!!! Emma spent much of the year teaching her cousin Ellie the finer points of girlhood, whispering words like “shoes” and “princesses” to her. Emma has drawn on nearly every surface in the house and enjoys doing ‘her art.’ Chris whimpers softly when he calculates the amount of debt she will go into in order to work as an artist.

I suspect my mother will do some editing.


Jennifer said...

Did you seriously contribute that? Awesome! I was looking for inspiration for my Christmas letter.

Matt P said...

"if you haven't bothered to be in touch all year, do you really care what's been going on all year?"
Then why go to high school reunions, or have drinks with old friends? With all the demands on our time these days, we don't get to keep up with the people we care about and who care about us as much as we should. Placing a per annum on a person's level of concern for us is somewhat short-sighted, IMO.
As much as you share on your blog, I'm rather surprised at your objection to sharing some of your life with those who might not be blog readers...

PCole said...

Will she fix the inconsistent use of single and double quotes? :)