Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Another Governor Arrested

This story just blows me away.  I was pretty certain that there was no way anyone could be more corrupt than former Illinois governor George Ryan.  Ryan's current address is a federal medium security prison, so the bar's pretty darn high.

Then Rod Blagojevich decided to sell president-elect Barack Obama's former US senate seat to the highest bidder. 

What is basically boils down to is this.  The guy got elected governor for the sole reason to pimp out the office and make himself rich.  He's been under federal investigation and wiretap for months.  The US Attorney in the case actually hurried the indictment to quash the Guv's attempt to appoint to the senate whoever paid him the most.

That's just the highest profile of his crimes.  he also allegedly has been extorting huge contributions from companies with state contracts.  He's been bust doing this for the last few months because he's trying to get around campaign finance  reform slated to go into effect in Illinois in January.

In between those scams, he's been pressuring the Chicago Tribune to fire editors that write things about him like 'he's a dirty crooked scumbag.' 

This mess makes New Jersey's scandals look tame in comparison.

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Hillary said...

I just read that myself - amazing isn't it???