Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morn

Getting Started
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The kids have come down to their presents, a nice fire is going and we're starting to get hungry.

John's playing on his new DS, Emma is making a potholder and the Wii is updating itself.

Yup. Santa Char brought Another Delco Guy a Wii.

I'm like a kid on Christmas morn!!!!


Enrico C said...

Hey, I got a Wii too! What games you get?

Chris said...

Madden, MLB 2K8, Wii Sports, Wii Life. How about you?

Enrico C said...

All I got is Sports and Wii Fit.
So I can't really rec any. I think I'm gonna get Mario Kart for sure and prob Zelda. May hold out on MLB til 09.

Chris said...

MLB 08 is only $30 at Best Buy. I really want the Wii Fit next. Mt son got Mario Kart on the DS and loves it.