Friday, January 16, 2009

Andrew Wyeth Died Today

Andrew Wyeth Snow Hill Limited Ed There are very few artists whose work touches me deeply.  For some reason the grays and browns and greens of Andrew Wyeth's work has always reached me and indeed calmed me.  His quiet scenes of rural American life struck a chord in me that I am unable to explain.

Wyeth died today at 91 at home in Chadds Ford, PA.  The image I have posted is his work "Snow Hill," which his daughter today called his 'death scene.'

I've visited the Maine field where he painted his iconic image "Christina's World."  Some very fond memories of my childhood are at the Brandywine River Museum, which holds much of his public work and that of his father and son and the adherents of their styles.  The places are oddly sacred to me and I struggle to reconcile how such austere work makes such a deep impression.

Today, like on so many other days when I have considered how his work makes me feel, I am at a loss.  I'm so happy to have his work to remember him by and so sad that he is no longer here.

Rest well, Dr. Syn.

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