Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Arizona Cardinals Fans Are Morons

Apparently the Arizona Cardinal fanbase isn't quite as smart as the Cards' offensive coordinator.  On Sunday the redbirds were able to figure out the Eagles blitzes en route to a 32-25 win.  It was really a masterful job by the Cardinal coaching staff, making the Philly Birds look like a high school team in the first half.

The fans though leave a bit to be desired.  You may have seen the item last week that Donovan McNabb's Phoenix-area home was vandalized by guys who thought it would be fun to decorate the yard with Pro-Cardinals signs and dump diesel on #5's lawn and burn it.  Brilliant right?  Well it gets better. 

On Monday Chandler, AZ police arrested two dickheads men after the police investigators found one of the rocket scientists perpetrators had actually left an address label on a piece of cardboard he used to make a sign for McNabb's lawn.  Criminal masterminds, these guys are not.  Their story is that they did it as a fun prank.  Yeah setting fire to a guy's lawn in a desert community is really fun stuff.

I can't wait to watch the Steelers smash these guys.

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John said...

Keep in mind that Cardinals fans aren't used to this winning stuff, so they're working out the kinks.