Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

All the Facebookers out there know there is a 25 Things fad flying around right now.  Basically you tell the world 25 random things about yourself and tag 25 friends to do the same thing.

Problem is my attention span is way shorter than 25 items.

So I'm putting the 25 Things About Me on a bit of a diet and making it into a Fantastic Four.

What Are Four Things That Most People Don't Know About You?

  1. I hate Christmas ending. My lights are still up outside.
  2. I had to take Spanish three times in college before I passed it.
  3. I sometimes wish I had gone into a profession where I could get rich.
  4. I go weeks at a time without getting a good night's sleep.

All right folks - let it all out!


Hillary said...

LOL - I thought my life was an open book. . .let's see. . .
1. If I could be anything - I would be a singer (band or broadway)
2. I was voted class flirt in HS and in College
3. I had my first "real" kiss in 3rd grade (which having a 2nd grafer at home freaks me out a bit)
4. I almost flunked out of college sophmore year
Happy Friday!

Jennifer said...

1. I resent my mom for blaming me that a guy in high school attempted to strangle me.
2. I was too scared to light a match until I was in high school. I'm still not too crazy about it.
3. I got my sex ed by reading my sister and brother's journals.
4. I will never go to a seance or a fortune teller b/c I believe in their mystical abilities.

PCole said...

Hmm, high standards here for sharing something nobody knows. This could be tough.
1. I hate getting a haircut. Not because I don't know what I want to do with my hair, since it's always the same, but because I dread the hairdresser's small talk. I've accepted bad haircuts or hair not cut as short as I asked just so I could get out of there.
2. Don't ask me to call and order a pizza. Please. I'll do anything to avoid talking to an order-taker over the phone. When pizza places started accepting orders online my life became a lot less stressful.
3. I was a master of massaging the books at my high school job, and supplementing my minimum wage type salary with an extra few bucks here and there, keeping purchases off the register, etc. One day the manager was sure he had caught me and a friend doing it but I knew I had covered my tracks 100%. Thankfully the manager called me first and I was able to deny it knowing he couldn't trace it. (If he'd called my friend first the friend would've cracked because he was not a math wiz.)
4. I don't cry when people die. I don't even remember crying when I was 6 and my grandfather died. (Although I remember Dad crying.) I've lost two other grandparents since then and the only reason I cried at one funeral was because my aunt sang Ave Maria beautifully, without crying herself. Makes me wonder how I'll react when my parents or others die.

Hillary Chybinski said...

Hey PCole - funny thing. .I have the same phone order-taking issue. . .LOL. . .drives my husband crazy!!

Chris said...

Hmm - some interesting stuff today so far. What's with telephone ordering? I don't get it.

PCole said...

For me it was just an overload of always getting someone who didn't speak English well, combined with loud noises in the background. So it's just a damn pain in the ass.