Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

All the Facebookers out there know there is a 25 Things fad flying around right now.  Basically you tell the world 25 random things about yourself and tag 25 friends to do the same thing.

Problem is my attention span is way shorter than 25 items.

So I'm putting the 25 Things About Me on a bit of a diet and making it into a Fantastic Four.

What Are Four Things That Most People Don't Know About You?

  1. I hate Christmas ending. My lights are still up outside.
  2. I had to take Spanish three times in college before I passed it.
  3. I sometimes wish I had gone into a profession where I could get rich.
  4. I go weeks at a time without getting a good night's sleep.

All right folks - let it all out!

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