Tuesday, January 06, 2009

JC Romero Gets Screwed

Freejc As you may have heard by now, Phillies reliever JC Romero has been suspended  for the first 50 games of the 2009 season for testing positive for a banned substance.  That sounds bad, but he seems to have done everything possible to make sure that he was doing the right thing here.

Major League Baseball on the other hand seems to be hell-bent on blindly applying the substance abuse policy, regardless of how stupid they look in doing so.  Bottom like here is that Romero bought an over-the-counter supplement at my local GNC, ran it past the Phillies trainer and his nutritionist, where he got approvals.

Subsequently, he tested positive and MLB banned the product.  He immediately stopped taking it.

That wasn't good enough for MLB.  They told Romero last fall that he could admit guilt and serve an immediate 25 game suspension or he could serve a 50 gamer in '09.  Romero, who rightly maintains he is innocent in this mess won't plead guilty.  Thus he's out $1.25 million and 50 games.  Mets fans are celebrating.  They need something to celebrate since their team fucking chokes every year.

My friends (and relatives) over at the700level.com have got a Free JC shirt available for purchase.  I recommend that we all have one on for Opening Night at the Bank.

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Hillary said...

listen - i am by no means a sports fan - i think they are over-paid infantile egomaniacs - but that's a different story. . .but this makes NO sense. . .what does MLB use as their "argument"? can Romero sue? (yikes another no no in my book. . .)Did they re-test him after the ban?
okay - i'll stop with the questions now. . .we're all supossed to be working. . .but for heavens sake it's just got STUPIDITY stamped all over it!!