Saturday, January 03, 2009

Joe Biden's Cuff Links Found in Collingdale!

This story is absolutely hilarious!

John Pickens goes to a thrift store in Delco, buys a couple of shirts for a buck apiece.  He knows he's getting a deal because he sees they are Brooks Brothers shirts. John gets them home and is examining one when he sees cuff links on one that say Senator Joseph H. Biden, Jr.

At first John isn't sure they are the deal deal, so he goes to a jeweler who says that they're solid gold.  So John does what any other guy from Collingdale would do.  He calls Action News!

Action News comes out to the house and does a spot and tries to get in touch with Biden.  no luck.

Apparently he's getting rid of all the old senator cuff links and getting snazzy new veep cuff links!

Video is here.

Hat tip to Billy Githens.  I'm headed over to the thrift store here in Moorestown.  They gotta have some Obama stuff there!

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