Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama Closing In On Key Administration Appointment

Labradoodle Molly
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After a process that I think bodes poorly for the incoming Obama Administation, the Prez says he is narrowing his choices for First Dog. It's taken over two months, bu the Obama family has the choices down to a Labradoodle or a Portuguese water dog.

Now they're going to look at shelters. Yeah I'll bet tons of DC shelters have pure-bred dogs ready for the White House.

What I can't figure out is what is taking so long. These were the two breeds that dog experts recommended back in November due to Obama family allergy issues. They're just getting around to this now?

I mean it's not like there is important stuff to do like choose a Commerce Secretary or get a stimulus package together.


Hillary Chybinski said...

What is the deal?? Is there some law that they have to have a dog?? The Clinton's had a cat - right?? What's wrong with a Sea Kitten (have you SEEN the latest PETA crap??)

Chris said...

Apparently the Clintons also had a dog named Buddy. I wonder if he was a hound like is owner?
As for PETA - no - unless it's their ad campaign involving a beautiful woman wearing nothing rather than fur, I generally avoid PETA news.

Hillary said...

Me too - LOL. . .well maybe not the naked women. . .but honestly the push to change the name of fish to sea kittens hooked me in. . .LOL

Dan said...

A dog is the least of his worries...seems like he catching fleas already...
get used to it.