Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Fun

I'm staying out of the 15 degree temps here this afternoon and trying to stay warm through fuming jealousy that my brother is down in Florida, looking out at the Atlantic Ocean from his 30th floor room.  Here in Moorestown, it's so frigging cold that the water in my washer froze over night.

So while I am letting that thaw out, I've been perusing the internet.  Now some of you may know of my fascination with both celebrity and real estate.  Probably because I have neither.  Somehow this afternoon I found the perfect blog that combines BOTH celebrities and real estate.  For instance if you wanted to know that NASCAR driver Elliott Sadler (getting married today)has his 7000 sq. ft. place at 108 Conway Court in Mooresville, NC up for a cool 4.5, the Real Estalker has that for you.  Looking for a fixer-upper?  She'll put you onto that resurgent former tiny pissed off guy from NYPD Blue, Nick Turturro, who has his 5 BR in Tarzana up for $1.25 mil.  Could be his recent separation from Lissa Espinosa or the red leather furniture holding the price down.

It's pretty LA-centric, but they also have some stuff from Florida and NYC celebs with places on the market.  The author's (she calls herself 'mama') reviews of each place remind me of well every real estate agent I ever met and the commenters (she calls them 'children') are vicious.

Try to stay warm.  Unless you're my brother, who should try not to fall off the hotel into the ocean.

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