Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Mess

It's 28 degrees with freezing rain in Moorestown this morning.  The inch and a half of snow we have has an ice crust over it.  The kids, both mine and most of those across the region are off from school.

I'm getting ready for work. 

Why can't it ever just snow here?  It's always got to be a 'wintry mix.'  Storms start as snow, wander through sleet into freezing rain and end as rain.  A giant mess to be sure, but nothing to look at and never a day off for normal working folks.

I want an all out snow storm, complete with hot cocoa, snowmen, snowball fights, grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Remember them?  It's been about 7 years if you're from Philly.

Instead we get jackknifed tractor trailers on Vine Street, reporters who look like drowned rats, 25 mph speed limits on the bridges and co-workers complaining about having to be at work.

Oh well.  Time to head in!

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