Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I May Be Crazy

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So my life wasn't interesting enough with job and family changes, so I thought I would liven things up a bit by jumping in the Atlantic Ocean in February. Yup. I'm going to do the Polar Bear Plunge in Sea Isle City on Saturday.

As stupid as this may sound, I have always wanted to do this. Every time I see the event on TV, I have two simultaneous and contradictory thoughts:

1. God those people are crazy.
2. Wow. That looks like fun!

So this year when Bill Githens suggested that a group of us do the plunge to raise awareness for Polycystic Kidney Disease, I finally had a compelling reason to join the insanity.

Rigt now the group is small, including me, Carlo, Bill and his son. Our significant others are apparently smarter than we are and have agreed to stay on land and take photos. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to join in.

Look for more photos and a story about the craziness on Saturday night!

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Hillary Chybinski said...

LOL - my husband and my dad swear they are going to do it every year. . .it's a guy thing!!