Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Important Investigation

A brick-sized piece of iron smashed though the roof of a building in Jersey City, NJ this morning.  No one was hurt.  Kind of interesting, right?

Well check out what the Inquirer does with the story.

They talk to the moving company owner who was in the building.  Ok.  That's a natural.  They talk to the FAA. Ok. I can see that one too.  And they talk to NOAA.  In case it was a meteor I guess.

Here's the line that has me scratching my head:

"Local police are investigating."

What the *&^% are they investigating? And how? Are they gonna check the radar tracks from Newark-Liberty?  Interview the movers to see if they have any enemies from say Mars?  Get out their gas chromatographs to determine the composition of the space junk?  And why the heck would the reporter bother to ask the police anything about space junk hitting a building?

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