Sunday, February 01, 2009

Trying to Get Excited

It's Super Bowl Sunday and as we celebrate the XLIII NFL Championship I am struggling to find any enthusiasm for this game.

Two weeks ago at this time I would have told you that today would be a BIG day here in the Cradle of Liberty.  Today though, it's just another cold day with salt on the roads and a crust of snow covering everything.  A lot has happened in two weeks.

The Eagles of course completely crapped the sheets in Arizona.  Jeff Lurie said the loss devastated him.  But not enough to really do anything about it.  Super 5 has spent the last two weeks living the high life in Tampa, assuring all of us that he got over his neighbors' stupidity and flatly stating he wants to retire in midnight green.  Great.  How's March for a retirement party?

We also had that whole Inauguration thing that happened.  And billions more in economic stimulus got approved while Wall Street continued to hand out bonuses.  Blago got dumped.  Jim Johnson was diagnosed with cancer.  The Phillies signed everyone but the Big Man. Maury Levy made the rest of our lives look pathetic and we had the Golden Globes and the SAG Awards

Is it just me or has the Super Bowl finally jumped the shark?

I'll still be watching.  But this year I will finally admit it's about the commercials.

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