Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wish I Had Been There

Plunge Billy CarloWell as some have noted, I was a weenie and did not make the Polar Plunge in Sea Isle City this past weekend.  I've been feeling pretty lousy and decided a dip in the frigid Atlantic was definitely not what my sinuses needed to regain their normal breathing capacity.

As pictured, Carlo and Billy did make the trip and had a good time from all accounts.  Note Billy's uber-booties to keep his tootsies warm right up to the edge of the water.  No word on whether he sported a similar jock strap.

This was the 15th Polar Bear Plunge in Sea Isle and benefited the Sea Isle City Revitalization Committee.  Several hundred put up the $25 for the right to say they had been among the throng who shrank various appendages in the ocean on Saturday.

My condolences go out to the family of Tracey Hottenstein, who was found dead in Sea Isle City Sunday morning.  Hottenstein had been in town for the Plunge festivities.  No further word is available about her death, but various news reports have noted that she was a very positive person who will be missed by her freinds.  My thoughts go out to all who knew her.

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Billy said...

Chris- no jock strap, just a swimsuit! The cold dip would have shocked all the crap out of your system, literally. I have you penciled in for next year. Start the vitamin C drip now...no excuses.