Monday, March 23, 2009

Considering Coffee

How much would you pay for a good cup of coffee?

I am a Wawa man myself and pay $1.29 if I am not brewing at home from the Kona beans my brother put me on to.  The coffee down in the UArts cafe, run by 12th Street Cantina is pretty good and only costs a buck.  Occasionally I will splurge and hit up Starbucks for a Pike Place.  That runs me around $2.50.

Nothing prepared me, however for the coffee story I read today.  Kopi Luwak beans are from Indonesia, nothing unusual about that.  The unusual part comes in the harvesting and umm processing.  An animal, the Asian Palm Civet eats ripe coffee cherries and well, processes them.  The resultant waste is rather interesting.  The beans are seperated from the poop and washed. 

The beans are the most expensive in the world and sell for about $190 a pound.  Here's the shocker.  That's only about $6 a cup.  Oviously there's some SERIOUS markup in the retail coffee game, even at The Wa.

It's alleged that the resulting coffee is very full and rich, one commenter describes it as 'like drinking a fine cigar.'  Umm ok.  I think I'll pass

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PCole said...

Reason No. 2,413 not to drink coffee.