Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

My friend and co-worker Joe Manning is ... well I guess the best word is stoked ... for tonight's reunion show of Phish at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia.  He's hanging out with 75,000 of his brethren neo-hippies drinking beer and doing god knows what else down there.  He'll probably make it back to work by Tuesday.  He was so thrilled about the approach of this concert that we needed to tie him to his chair to keep him from floating away.  It's his 57th Phish show and he's been waiting nearly five years for the reunion.

Which got me to thinking ...

What Four Things Do you Most Wish Would Come Back?

  1. The West Wing - great show that had rejuvenated itself only to wrap
  2. Harrison Ford's acting ability - He just growls his way tough the parts these days.  remember when he was witty and charming?
  3. Villanova playing its Big 5 games at The Palestra - 'nuff said
  4. The inch or so of hairline I seem to be missing - I got it in the back, but the front is lacking a bit

Have a great weekend and enjoy the spring-like weather


Jennifer said...

Members Only Jackets
Leisure Suits
oh wait, those are things I most wish DON'T come back. oh well...

Tammi said...

Four things I wish would come back...
1. Pregnancy breasts (without the pregnancy)
2. The ability to sleep in (and the opportunity too!)
3. Long hair (my own)
4. The stock market, and therefore my retirement and savings along with it.

Hillary Chybinski said...

Four things I wish would come back??
1. lower prices on just about everything
2. being able to sleep in whenever I want
3. the metabolism and body of a 25 YO girl (that's pre gravity, 2 kids and middle age)
4. my grandparents
enjoy the burst of spring!