Thursday, March 05, 2009

Steve Russo: Father of the Year

This story from the Daily News is great for two reasons.  First it reinforces my belief that you should have to get a license to be a parent.  Second, Will Bunch has one of the best leads ever in the story.

Bottom line is that some nimrod named Steve Russo in Bethlehem, PA 'allegedly' let his 16 year old son have a party in the basement.  No big deal, right?  Yeah, but maybe the part where he 'allegedly' gave them beer and rum was a bit over the line.  Or the part where he 'allegedly' got some high school girls to kiss him and dance on the stripper pole he has in the basement.

In case you need further proof the guy is a total and complete moron - the cops wold never have found out if he hadn't let the kids take pictures and post them all over Facebook.

See all this goes back to my point that it's just too easy to have kids.  It's more red tape to catch a fish legally than it is to have a kid.

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Hillary Chybinski said...

see - we are not doing such a bad job after all!! LOL