Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Long, Hot Saturday

After six hours coaching baseball in the sun, Another Delco Guy is relaxing on the veranda, drinking an ice cold lemonade, waiting on the Phils game and reflecting on the Eagles' perplexing first round pick.  Who the heck had the Birds trading up in the first round to take a wideout?  Not me!

Today was pretty much all baseball.  This morning, we made a few adjustments to John's swing that got him hitting the ball more on a line rather than swinging down on it. After his team dropped a 20-17 decision to the Southampton Orioles today, we headed over to our home field for try-outs for the travel team.  He did pretty well, catching the ball cleanly in every attempt and smashing some nice hits. He stands a good chance of making the squad even though he needs to work on both his running and throwing.  John is a pretty big baseball kid, but after 6 hours on the field he was pretty wiped out!

The girls spent the day shopping and are at yet another of Emma's endless string of birthday parties.  I'm going to go check on how the steaks I have marinating are coming along.

Enjoy the weekend!

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John said...

Nothing perplexing about the pic. A talent like that drops down, and the Eagles traded up a couple of slots to grab him. Was happy to see them do it. - John