Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wiffle Ball Party!

0530091313.jpgJohn's teammates Marcus and Kevin turn 9 today, so we're at the brand-new Big League Dreams for a Wiffle Ball Birthday Party. John and his buddies are having a great time.
The place has three different 'fields' of varying sizes where the kids can play. Plus there are party rooms and snack stand.

It's a converted ice rink that just opened as a 3 field facility with 1" long artificial grass and a great stereo system.
If you're looking for a place for a boy's party in Burlington County, check out Big League Dreams on Fostertown Road in Medford!  The fields rent for $75 an hour, party packages start at $350 for 20 kids, they have open gym on Saturday nights for $10 per kid and they're even planning a summer camp for $200 a week.

In case you couldn't tell I think this place has a great concept.  I just hope that enough people hear about it!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

We all know that the Internet can be a bit addictive.  Between micro-blogging sites, personal web sites and all of the places to get current news and sports, it's amazing anyone gets anything done at work.  So today's topic is about your personal net habits.

What four sites are you most likely to visit each day?

  1. Facebook - Ok - I'm pretty much over the Twitter thing, but FB has me
  2. The700Level - site run by my brother and his buddy Enrico.  It's the best Philly sports website out there.  Try it.  you'll agree!
  3. Flickr - I take a lot of photos and I post them here.  It's great to see the work that others are doing too!
  4. IMDB - I can't watch a movie anymore without using IMDB to see where a scene was shot or what else that guy in the background was in.

So what sites are you likely to be on when I walk by your cube?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Point Of Clarification

In the wake of Monday's Memorial Day post, I've gotten a few questions this week about my politics.

In my post I noted my passionate thanks for all of those who have served.  Some have questioned how congruent this sentiment is with my thoughts on the War in Iraq.   don't really understand the question I guess.

I think this war is wrong.  I think the American public was systematically lied to in order to gain our support of the beginning of this mess.  I think the politicization of the high command led to a strategy that was doomed to failure.  I think that there were base economic motives for attacking a sovereign nation, regardless of the quality of its leader.  There have been many worse men propped up by the money and machine guns of the US.

And yet I fully support the men and women who are fighting this war.  And I thank them for every sacrifice they and their families have made in the service of this great nation.  For as wrong as we are at this moment, these folks in uniform represent all that is nor and has always been good about America.  They represent the valor of our people, the belief our nation has in our elected leaders and a willingness to put the common good ahead of the needs of an individual.

These men and women are heroes.  There should be no doubt about that.  And despite my complete opposition to this war, anone who says otherwise is a traitor.

Monday, May 25, 2009

With Pride Comes Sacrifice

With Pride Comes Sacrifice
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Today I sit safe and secure, as happy as I can be, surrounded by my family. Later, we'll head out to Indian Mills to sit in our lawn chairs and sip cold Gatorade and watch John play baseball.

We won't face a swirling sandstorm, or the potential of death at any corner from a roadside bomb or stand staring across a demilitarized zone wondering if today will be the day.

The freedom that we enjoy this leisurely Monday comes at a price. And that price has been steep over the decades. Farmers and shopkeepers fought and froze and died for years to give us our first tastes of freedom and create a nation. Cousins fought cousins as we neared our Centennial and struggled with the ever-difficult concept that 'all men are created equal.'

The first half of the 20th century found us fighting evil the world over as two generations came home from the world's battlefields burned and maimed, or stayed forever on foreign soil, symbolized only by rows of white crosses. We extended a hand to our former enemies and built trading partners who would stand on their own again. We constructed our missiles and our economy and stood by warily as the Soviet Bloc teetered and finally crumbled.

We're still there in Korea, accepting our role as the world's protector. In Vietnam, we felt our first real taste of defeat, as the limits of our power and our right to assert our will were demonstrated painfully.

Our most recent military excursions have been termed a 'war on terror' and we have gone where ever extremism has flared to fight for normalcy. And we have been burned on our own soil, attacked for being the best and the brightest and the most open society and the world.

And though every conflict, at every fort and river head, in the face of every kind of danger and peril, a valorous few have fought for that the many could live freely.

Today I thank you all. Happy Memorial Day , America!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

TAA 8U Team Off To Good Start

Three Amigos
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John and I were out of the house early this morning and headed down to Indian Mills for his 8U team tournament. Luckily, the roosters next door made sure we weren't late for the 8:00 first pitch. I think John would have been up anyway ...

The TAA boys did well today, picking up wins over New Egypt and Indian Mills. John picked up a pair of hits, including the RBI that sealed the second game after struggling a bit with nerves in the first game. Everyone on the team contributed, and spirits are high looking toward tomorrow.

There are plenty of pictures of today's action and a few shots from last week's scrimmages as well. As a final note, I want to mention how much good sportsmanship all the boys showed today. When I am watching them and shouting encouragement and adjustments (once a coach always a coach I guess), it's hard to remember they are only 8 years old.

John's already sleeping and I'm not far behind. Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

Back from a long Spring Break, the fantastic Four is ready for the Memorial Day weekend!

Ok – there are a scant 145 work minutes left before the beginning of summer.  Thus, we need a summer themed list.  Drinks?  Nah.  Been there done that.  At this point anything will do thank you.  Beach memories?  Not appropriate for the family blog.  Soooooo…

Name the Four Best Summer-Themed Movies:

1.  Summer School – Mark Harmon can act.  Who knew?  Kirstie Alley 200 pounds ago and  woooo-wee - Courtney Thorne Smith

2.  Meatballs – the best summer camp movie ever.  The stereotypical cast is perfect and Bill Murray is INSANE!!!

3.  Do The Right Thing – Spike Lee’s best.

4.  Stand by Me – beautifully shot, both touching and funny.  Crosses a ton of genres, and is still simply wonderful.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful summer!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Third Grade Show Rocks!

Ok. Well maybe not exactly, but John impressed me today. He wanted to get dressed up for the recital and I can clearly hear him singing. No lip-synching here!

Emma's circus trip is today too. Another Delco Guy is happy for a liberal vacation policy!0521091349.jpg

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seen on the Street - Solar Trash Compactor

These Big Belly units are popping up all over Center City. They should go a long way to cleaning up the streets while saving on labor and power costs I have also seen a recycling model. Some corners have both units!0519091734.jpg

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Talking Beer With Tom Peters

0519091329.jpgI wanted a really good burger at lunchtime today and I work two blocks from a great burger place, so over to Monk's Café I headed.
Yup. I said Monk's. Not only do they have the best selection of Belgian beers and ales this side of Belgium, but the also make some of the best burgers in Philadelphia.

So I ordered a St. Bernardus Wit and an Abbott burger and settled in for an hour.
About 5 minutes later, I was talking beer and New Jersey taxes with Tom Peters, who owns Monk's with partner Fergus Carey. It was a great way to spend the rest of my lunch.

He only knows me as Chris, so he may be surprised that I was interviewing him for Another Delco Guy's much-anticipated and recently neglected series of food and drink articles, but what the heck.  It was a great conversation and i don't think he would mind if I share. It turns out that Peters is a resident of Collingswood, just like Jersey Shore Jen, and also like Jen has frequented The Pourhouse, the PJ Whelihan's re-creation of Dockhopper's. 

I noted that Another Delco Guy had also made a Pourhouse stop one recent child-free Saturday, but that I found that I favored the beer selection at The Blue Monkey in Merchantville.  Peters had not yet hit the Monkey yet, but promised a trip would be in the offing this spring.   As we chatted, the conversation wandered though his leardship in establishing Philadelphia as a beer town, the great work Matt Guyer and his BeerYard have done to open up the Main Line as a great beer locale, and the impending opening of Varga Bar at 10th and Spruce.

Peters has a very ecumenical approach to beer bars, noting that he thinks there is plenty of room for more good beer destinations and that he generally thinks that the more places that serve good beer the better things get for his place.  Bartender Jodi, Peters and I got a chuckle talking about the beer goofs that customers sometimes make, coming to the bar and ordering Coors Light much to the mirth of the seasoned regulars.

As a point of disclosure, I will say that Peters bought my beer, but I remian objective.  If he would like to buy me more beers, I will evaluate my objectivity at that time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What A Slugger!

Emma's 2009 T-Ball Photo
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Emma did really well tonight in her first game of 'coach pitch.' She had one really great hit out past third base.

She's telling everyone she can about her 'almost home run.'

John played well tonight too, making a few nice plays in the field. He's got a lot of baseball coming up, so it's good he is playing well!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!


I guess the picture is confusing to some, but it seems appropriate for this day where half of America is driving to see the other half to wish our moms the best.

Only the women who have done so much for us could possibly inspire us to drop everything and slog through traffic, missing our naps and golf matches and ballgames for a few hours over brunch.

We don't do enough for them the rest of the year, so today is for our moms.

My mom taught me to think how the other person might feel, to look out for the little guy and to enjoy reading. They remain three of the most important facets of who I am today.

Thanks mom! For everything.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

On Playing Hooky

There is something gloriously liberating about playing hooky.  Doing something indulgent when you're supposed to be working.  Watching the ballgame when you're supposed to be cutting the grass.  Napping instead of grocery shopping.  Going out to eat instead of heating up the leftovers.

I'm avoiding a major writing project right now.  I've perused the internet.  Read about Manny Ramirez.  Did some reading of a pretentious who-dun-it.  Now I'm watching Jamie Moyer get torched by the Mets.

We were supposed to have a baseball game tonight, but the rains came for the ninth straight day.  It should have been the perfect time to really knock out a big piece of the project.

Instead, I'm blogging.

But I feel good about it!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Watching the Phils.
Should be in bed.
Nothing to say.


Saturday, May 02, 2009

What A Week!

Here Come the Rolls!
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It's been a while since I posted an update, but it's been one of those weeks!

Today we started off with a trip to Del Buono's Bakery down in Haddon Heights, NJ, where the green light was on and the bread was rolling off the oven, finger-searing hot and wonderfully aromatic. We got three dozen rolls and a loaf of iced raisin bread. The rolls are the best I've had, crust and chewy, yet airy and yeasty.

Now we're flipping between the Phils and The Derby. Later, we'll catch the show at RIR.

It was a big week at work with the May 1st deposit day coming and everyone at UArts being generally pleased with where we are despite the economy. We announced some lay-off will be coming, which has everyone concerned, but it's not unexpected with the world being what it is.

John's TAA Bats won over the STRA Royals on Thursday and Emma played very well in her Wednesday game with the Royals.

Early in the week, when it was 90 plus degrees in Moorestown, we were down on LBI for CCD and John's first communion practice. Down on the beach it was about 70 degrees and breezy.

Tomorrow we're headed back down there for John's big day.

I'll try to do a bit better this week with updates, but no promises, these kids have us all running!