Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Point Of Clarification

In the wake of Monday's Memorial Day post, I've gotten a few questions this week about my politics.

In my post I noted my passionate thanks for all of those who have served.  Some have questioned how congruent this sentiment is with my thoughts on the War in Iraq.   don't really understand the question I guess.

I think this war is wrong.  I think the American public was systematically lied to in order to gain our support of the beginning of this mess.  I think the politicization of the high command led to a strategy that was doomed to failure.  I think that there were base economic motives for attacking a sovereign nation, regardless of the quality of its leader.  There have been many worse men propped up by the money and machine guns of the US.

And yet I fully support the men and women who are fighting this war.  And I thank them for every sacrifice they and their families have made in the service of this great nation.  For as wrong as we are at this moment, these folks in uniform represent all that is nor and has always been good about America.  They represent the valor of our people, the belief our nation has in our elected leaders and a willingness to put the common good ahead of the needs of an individual.

These men and women are heroes.  There should be no doubt about that.  And despite my complete opposition to this war, anone who says otherwise is a traitor.

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