Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

Back from a long Spring Break, the fantastic Four is ready for the Memorial Day weekend!

Ok – there are a scant 145 work minutes left before the beginning of summer.  Thus, we need a summer themed list.  Drinks?  Nah.  Been there done that.  At this point anything will do thank you.  Beach memories?  Not appropriate for the family blog.  Soooooo…

Name the Four Best Summer-Themed Movies:

1.  Summer School – Mark Harmon can act.  Who knew?  Kirstie Alley 200 pounds ago and  woooo-wee - Courtney Thorne Smith

2.  Meatballs – the best summer camp movie ever.  The stereotypical cast is perfect and Bill Murray is INSANE!!!

3.  Do The Right Thing – Spike Lee’s best.

4.  Stand by Me – beautifully shot, both touching and funny.  Crosses a ton of genres, and is still simply wonderful.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful summer!!

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