Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

We all know that the Internet can be a bit addictive.  Between micro-blogging sites, personal web sites and all of the places to get current news and sports, it's amazing anyone gets anything done at work.  So today's topic is about your personal net habits.

What four sites are you most likely to visit each day?

  1. Facebook - Ok - I'm pretty much over the Twitter thing, but FB has me
  2. The700Level - site run by my brother and his buddy Enrico.  It's the best Philly sports website out there.  Try it.  you'll agree!
  3. Flickr - I take a lot of photos and I post them here.  It's great to see the work that others are doing too!
  4. IMDB - I can't watch a movie anymore without using IMDB to see where a scene was shot or what else that guy in the background was in.

So what sites are you likely to be on when I walk by your cube?

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