Thursday, May 07, 2009

On Playing Hooky

There is something gloriously liberating about playing hooky.  Doing something indulgent when you're supposed to be working.  Watching the ballgame when you're supposed to be cutting the grass.  Napping instead of grocery shopping.  Going out to eat instead of heating up the leftovers.

I'm avoiding a major writing project right now.  I've perused the internet.  Read about Manny Ramirez.  Did some reading of a pretentious who-dun-it.  Now I'm watching Jamie Moyer get torched by the Mets.

We were supposed to have a baseball game tonight, but the rains came for the ninth straight day.  It should have been the perfect time to really knock out a big piece of the project.

Instead, I'm blogging.

But I feel good about it!

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Mom said...

This I can really relate to. Can't ever seem to do a project without wasting time first. Computers certainly make that easy.