Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

IMG_2112There is no doubt that the most fulfilling part of my life is being a father.  I won't say it's always the easiest thing in the world to do, but it offers the most reward of anything I have ever done.  John and Emma do it all for me.  They wake me in the morning, they make me watch the clock at work, they thrill me with their accomplishments and they wrench my heart with their struggles.

To say that being a dad has its ups and downs understates things to a laughable point.  Everything about it is a balancing act.  Whether it's juggling the calendar around 8U games or keeping up with the ever-changing roster of best friends for a precocious little girl, putting them above me isn't that hard. 

Maybe it's odd to say, but these two kids have helped me grow.  I'm still a kid inside in a lot of ways, but they force me to make the tough choices, to teach, to correct, to develop and indeed to learn.  I assume it is this way with all dads, but who knows.  I'm too busy with my own to do much asking around!

We've had a lot of changes in the last year.  As a dad, it's been a time of growth and fun.  We've had some great times like celebrating the Phillies World Series, John's First Communion and Emma learning to read, and some tough moments as well.  Through everything, they fulfill me in a way that I never could have imagined in the days before they came into my lives.

While it's mostly my kids I am talking about today, it is being a father that I am thinking about.  I've got my new Wii Fit here and some beautiful school art projects from John and Emma.  Later today we'll head over to Delco for the Annual Father's Day Crab Fest.  We'll watch the Phillies try to break the streak against the Orioles and some of the action at Bethpage Black.

I'll be thinking about my dad and his dad as well as my mom's dad.  They were great examples to me.  I will also be thinking about all the kids who have lost dads though their service to our country, either here at home or abroad.  I can't imagine missing out on being a dad.  It's an experience I treasure.

Thanks Dad!  I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made and continue to make for me.  And I know John and Emma do as well.

Happy Father's Day!

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Hillary Chybinski said...

hope you have a great Father's Day!