Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tragedy at CBP

A 22 year old man lost his life last night in an altercation outside Citizens Bank Park while the Phillies were defeating St. Louis.  The altercation allegedly started inside McFadden's at the Ballpark and moved down Pattison Avenue around the 7th inning. It's a terrible thing and one that does little but magnify Philadelphia's reputation as the rowdiest sports town in America. 

A while back I lamented that The Bank had basically become a 43,000 seat bar.  Security has certainly tightened since then, but it should be noted that this incident apparently started with a bachelor party at McFadden's.  I'm reasonably certain that a scan of St. Louis or Miami or Detroit or Dallas papers this morning will find at least one other death outside a bar.  However the talking heads will be all over our reputation as the worst fans in sports.

On a side note, it's shocking to me that you've literally got to search for information on this terrible incident and what you get is this pathetic entry.  I can't believe this is the only content you have on the site about this horrible incident. I know this story happened in the evening, apparently after the Sunday paper deadline, but you're not a Sunday paper anymore gang. To not have a story up on the front page shows a shocking lack of focus on breaking news.

My thoughts got out to the young man who lost his life and to his family.

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