Monday, September 14, 2009

Back To School Night

I have to admit I love going to Back to School Night.  There is something special about sitting in their tiny chairs with the other parents.  Hearing about your children from people who are today total strangers, but will be among the most important people in their lives for the next year is also fascinating.

Add in that this is the first year in a new school and there is so much to think about.  Emma's teacher has both a business degree as well as a master in early childhood education.  I can see her reading her Blackberry with one hand and finger painting with the other. John's teacher is energetic and engaging, and a big sports fan.  Her co-teacher clearly loves John already.  The teachers seem to be perfect matches for my children.

Fleetwood Elementary School is small and homey.  Built as the 60s came to a close, it's in remarkable shape for the 360 or so neighborhood kids who will spend much of their waking moments there until June.  

I hope you all take the time to go to your own Back to School Nights.  I always learn somehting and I always leave smiling.

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