Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

There's no looking back.  The window has slammed shut on summer and we're in full-on fall mode here in the Philadelphia Region.

I will admit I was hoping for a few more days of warm weather, but we will just have to wait until our annual late October Indian Summer.

It's time for an Autumn-themed Fantastic Four:

What are the four things you most like about fall?

  1. Not sweating.  I like the warmer temperatures of summer in some ways, but there is nothing better than an afternoon drive with the sunroof open without having to worry about melting because of the heat and humidity.
  2. Fall colors.  From the clear blue skies to leaves changing to the yellows and red and oranges of the mums to the incredible Halloween displays that will be going up on lawns across the nation, fall is the prettiest time of year.  I used to make sure I drove to fall conferences just to see all the colors.  With the kids it's harder these days, but I still want to get out and shoot some foliage this fall.
  3. Fest beers.  While you seem to be able to get them earlier and earlier every year, my favorite style of brew is a malty, almost sweet fest style.  I've had two good ones this year so far and am looking forward to finding a few more.  Maybe at Blue Monkey's Oktoberfest.
  4. Planting. I don't know how a kid from suburban Philly got it in his blood, but I love to plant and grow things.  It's said that Fall is for planting, and I have been trying.  I have some mums and pansies in the ground and some grass seed spread too.  Maybe a few shrubs next ...

So what do you love about the fall?

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer said...

1. The kids go back to school
2. Football
3. Times slow down a bit--that is, until November / December
4. The warm days and cool nights.

Matt P said...

Yep. Best season there is.
1. Football
2. Weather
3. Fest bier
4. Anniversary of the day the world changed forever. 10/16/79

Chris said...

No one is saying if that was a good change or what

hchybinski said...

Fall is by far my FAVORITE season!
1. The clothes - LOVE Fall Clothes! Boots, light sweaters over t's. . .
2. The colors - I was crushed to find out I am a summer - not a fall. . .HATE summer colors
3. Pumpkins - everywhere - decorations, ravioli, beer, break, lattes. . .
4. Halloween - honestly - you knock on a door and someone GIVES you candy. . .