Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

Earlier this week you might have seen the post I had about the display celebrating the coming of Autumn in front of Marc Vetri's restaurant on Spruce Street.  There was an array of flowers, a dozen or more pumpkins and a box of apples for passers by to sample.  Sadly some cretins smashed the pumpkins and stole the apples and we are left with only the flowers.

This pisses me off.  You've got a guy trying to do something nice for his neighbors and the community and some clueless jerk shows us his true colors by destroying it.  Classy!

So this leads me to this week's Fantastic Four:

What four things piss you off the most?

  1. Senseless destruction - this one tops it all for me
  2. People who spoil secrets. - just plain old mean
  3. People who don't clean up after their dogs.  How about I come over and take a dump on YOUR lawn?
  4. Littering - you can't wait until you get home to toss your Big Gulp cup? You gotta throw it out the window?

A bit of a downer way to start the weekend, but please go forth and enjoy!

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