Friday, September 04, 2009

Jody Mac Signs off at 950 WPEN

Jody's Last PM Drive Show
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I kinda saw this one coming, but it still stung when my brother Matt called me and told me that Jody MacDonald, perhaps my favorite sports talker in the business had just signed off for the final time on his WPEN 950AM show.

I've listened to Jody for 20 years, first catching his overnight show on WFAN when I was working overnights. Later, when he was hosting mid-days on 610 WIP, we met when he came to the college radio station I worked at. I still caught his show a good bit when he departed for WFAN, but I was thrilled in 2005 when WPEN made Jody the centerpiece of its switch to sports radio and put him on afternoon drive against Howard Eskin.

As much as I love listening to the guy, he was never the brash, confrontation host that radio GMs and PDs seem to want these days. Wry and funny and full of substance, his shows are for the serious sports fan. So it came as no surprise when the station brought in Mike Missanelli and moved Jody to mornings.

When the move to mid-days came after his heart bypass surgery and he was paired with Harry Mayes, the writing was on the wall. Jody was playing out the string here in Philly and even his most frequent listeners knew it.

I will say here today that I am about done with 950. I used to be a big Misanelli fan, but his show seems sophomoric and silly. The station that said it would never insult its listeners and would be a different kind of sports talk is now just a poor second rate imitation of 610, the much-diminished giant of Philly sports talk.

My best wishes to Jody MacDonald and his family. I will be listening on Sirius and on 1050AM.


Jody Mc said...

Chris- Thanks for the kind words. Hope I cancontinue to live up to the picture you paint. Thanks for plugging the spots where I AM working as of today. I'll update my Facebook home when and or if I add anything new in the near future. As I said at the end of the show, other than talking to the Philly fan and a couple of yuks with Harry, not much I'll miss about working on the station. Thank you again for sharing whatI hope are shared thoughts on me !! Jody Mc

kevin booth said...

Kevin from South Jersey here. I knew things weren't great when management forced Eagle talk on your show during the NHL playoffs. You're probably better of w/o them, anyway. I will miss your show as you were the only reason I tuned into 950....Mike & Mike are more commercials & fluff than anything else...& Mikey Miss is not my style...I loved your show because there was no outrageous was everything ESPN isn't, which is straight sports talk without the fluff. I hope to hear you somewhere else real soon...thanks for always getting to my emails, even the Gator mail.