Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What A Piece of Junk


I hate to shop. Virtually all the shopping I do is online. Over the years I have had pretty good luck. With the exception of some shoes that did not fit, and a watch that never got delivered, I have successfully spent thousands of dollars online without travail. Until I ordered the Smartparts SP15MWA digital picture frame from

The first one I ordered was here in two days. I ripped open the box and read the directions (yup! Sure did!!), put the memory card in, connected the power and ... NOTHING. It was DOA.
The returns process was pretty easy and since I figured it was an isolated thing, I ordered a replacement.

The replacement came last night and worked flawlessly for about 3 minutes. Then the Smartparts frame began emitting the smell of melting plastic and went blank.

This time the RMA guy was a bit of a jerk,but I still got the RMA. I am not blaming TigerDirect for the bad products. This thing is obviously a piece of crap. The images were pretty good for 3 minutes, but 2 out of 2 bad units is not a good record.
Avoid the Smartparts SP15MWA. It's crap in a box.

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