Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

Glowworm-1It's a Phillies Phriday in the cold and rain of October, but we've got bigger things in mind here at Another Delco Guy.

Thirty years ago, my dear brother came into this world.  One might say it's never been quite the same as it was before his birth. 

That's right, Matt is 30!

He's grown up from the little guy pictured above with his glow worm to graduate Matt grad from college, travel the world, establish himself as a noted sports blogger and become a most favored Uncle. 

I won't go into all the gory details about how he used to keep me up all night rocking in his sleep, or how I taught him to throw that nasty Wiffle Ball curve he still breaks out now and then, but I will say this.  There are few people in the world whose advice and counsel means more to me that my brother's.  

Mat and emmaBut he's growing old now.  He has left his youth behind and bought the family's ancestral home.  He's begun to worry about things like his grass and new siding and the darn fool kids who blare their music until all hours. I'm sure he's got a bucket list somewhere that he's looking at and wondering how he will ever get to all these things in his waning years.  

Thus we're going to do a Friday Fantastic Four that is focused on growing old and what you have left to do. you might have done them before and need another taste, or they may be things that you just feel like you must do to fulfill your destiny (or density).

What four things do you most want to do before you can't do them anymore?

  1. Visit Ireland and Poland.  They are pretty different laces, but they are part of me and I want to get there.  Sooner rather than later if possible.
  2. Write that book.  I still feel like it's in there somewhere, but has lost its way.
  3. Own a vacation home. Been there once, but it seems to be the quintessential mark of having 'made it' as an American.  I'd like to get back there.
  4. See John and Emma become successes on their own.  It's a very fatherly thing, but nothing would please me more.  I'd give up the other three easily to see this one.

Matt phils

Happy 30th Birthday Little Brother!


Jennifer said...

Okay, that is sweet! I couldn't write as lovely a blog about any of my siblings.
To your Phriday Phantastic Phour question:
(nothing too remarkable here)
1. Visit all 50 states
2. Watch the Vikings win the SuperBowl
3. Go to the Masters
4. Ditto on your #4

hchybinski said...

Happy 30th to Matt!!
1. See my kids settled on their paths - hard to define success - career? happiness? family? I want to feel like I've prepared them to live their own wonderful lives - whatever they choose.
2. Retire - in this shaky economy i hope to be able to leave the workforce at an age where i still can enjoy all that life has to offer.
3. Travel - nothing too particular - JOhn and I used to travel a lot before Kids - I'd like to do that again.
4. I do aspire to write a book - or make a "mark" on the world. . .