Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

New Pool Cover!
Originally uploaded by Cavalier92
As Another Delco Guy emerged from his slumber this morning, he noticed two guys wandering around the back yard. Thankfully I realized that they were the pool guys before I called the police. Tom and Benito from Riverton Pool and Garden were there to install our new Merlin SmartMesh pool cover.

It's a project i have had on my list since we moved into the new house.

We've all got projects on our list and not all of them are house related. So that's this week's question!

What Four Projects Do You Really Want to Get Done?

1. I'd like to finish the flooring and woodwork project at the new house
2. My Flickr account is a mess and I would like to get titles and locations on all the photos.
3. I need to go through my clothes and get rid of the stuff that I don't wear or that has magically shrunk.
4. I need to renovate my personal physical condition!

Have a great weekend and GO PHILS!!!!


hchybinski said...

1. I need to season switch my clothes
2. I am making chocolate covered pretzels for both the boys' school halloween parties
3. I need to back up all my pictures - again :)
4. I need to re-evaluate my master projects list. . .LOL
have a great weekend!

Tammi said...

Magically shrinking clothes! Amazing new technology that has apparently invaded way too many closets...
So, 4 things to do, in no particular order:
-Go through thousands of photos (printed ones) and do something with them.
-Complete the editing of my book
-Finish our basement (and the dozens of things that go with that!)
-Update my web sites and reroute everything to a new publishing format.

Chris said...

Hillary -
If you want me to review the chocolate covered pretzels, just send some over!!
Tammi -
Scanning photos is no fun, but it's very satisfying to know they are safe!