Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Fantastic Four

I took this photo a few days ago on one of my nightly trips to some home improvement mega warehouse outlet. It covers one of my points for today very nicely.
What four things don't you get?
  1. Why the October magazines come in September. Similarly, why are Christmas decorations up and all the fall decorations gone in the stores while leaves are still green on the trees?
  2. Why President Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize when seemingly nothing has been done to secure worldwide peace.
  3. Why the F$@+ the Phils used 3 starters in yesterday's game.  I mean why are the bullpen guys on the roster if Charlie doesn't trust them???
  4. Why I can't get Java on my Blackberry.  The Tour is a nice peice of technology, but this is pure silliness!

Have a great weekend!
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