Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who's Got The Time Anymore?

Obviously I write a blog.  And I have a Facebook page too.  And a Twitter feed.  I have a disused Tumblr site, an abandoned MySpace page (remember MySpace?), a LinkedIn Profile, about 8,000 images on Flickr and an entire website I manage at work.   I've got a pile of places on the web I try to get to every day and there are more than a few places where I used to post regularly and rarely get to anymore. 

My instant messaging platform aggregates my AOL, Yahoo, Google, and MSN instant messaging identities along with keeping me updated on FB status changes, Tweets and new email.  This was suppose to make my life easier.  Sometimes I just turn it off so the world doesn't seem so overwhelming.

I can post to my blog, Twitter or Flickr from my Blackberry as well as sent IMs, emails from all 4 of my accounts and also send photo and text messages.  I also occasionally use it to make phone calls.

I've got 2 kids, a new house, a significant other (not my laptop), a job, and a pile of other things to do that are not i- or e- or tech- or anything like that.  It's not like time is infinitely available to me.

I freely admit that I often find myself pecking away on my Blackberry posting from a cool restaurant or a kids' birthday party, with the nagging thought of "I HAVE to get the post up!!!!"

Recently though, I have been having that thought and then another right on its heels of "Or what if I don't?"  What would happen if I didn't? Would I become suddenly less relevant to the rest of the world?  Will my already meager posse of followers and readers dwindle to nothingness?

Would it matter?  Do they feel, as I sometimes do, that they "must" visit my site or comment on my latest status change lest they somehow be found guilty of not being an appropriately interested 21st Century Friend?

I am going to spend the next week or so thinking about my online media presence and usage as well as how it has changed in just the 3 years I have been blogging.  If you've your own thoughts on the topic, feel free to chime in!

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