Monday, November 02, 2009

Emma is Six!

Today is a very special day here at Another Delco Guy because our little princess turns six today. She came into the world six weeks early, and it's been one surprise after another since then.

Emma is a super sweet little girl who loves her brother more than anyone. She is always ready with a big smile and hug to cheer you up. Emma has overcome her tendency to take it easy and has grown to love her dance class this year.

Taking care of her babies and cooking are her favorite things to do at home and she loves to snuggle up and read before bed. A trip the Chick-fil-A makes her day, but Emma also love to eat vegetables of all kinds.

Emma makes us proud every day and we are so happy when she brings us new artwork or reads to us from Olivia.

Happy Birthday to the best little girl in the world! Daddy loves you very much!!!  

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Jennifer said...

My daughter Catherine says: "My...what a cute little girl. Who is she? She's six like me. And she's cute like me." Happy Birthday to Emma!