Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sorry - Been Busy!

Sorry for the recent delay in posting.  Between kids and work and travel and such, I can't say I have had the time.

I have a few great posts in the editing bin right now and hopefully will get some writing done tonight on my flight to Dallas.  Look for some posts tonight and tomorrow.

Coming attractions include:

  • An overview of my thoughts about the NCMPR conference session I was part of in Atlantic City on Tuesday.  All kinds of goodies about new media, working with bloggers and how social media will affect us all in the coming years.
  • Some photo updates from the week, with special attention given to my little birthday princess.
  • A hands-on review of my new HP Home Media Server.
  • A discussion of photographic rights in public spaces.

Right now I have some shopping and packing to do for my trip, so I will have to see you all soon!

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