Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting The Engine Started Again

It's been a while since I actually sat down and pounded out a blog post at the keyboard.  There have been a lot of reasons from there being no compelling sports on TV, to a new game I am playing that takes up too much of my time, to business with family and kids over the holidays, to just feeling like I needed to take a break to freshen up my thoughts and get ready for a new year.

I've got a few blogs in the can now and ready to go.  I'll be musing on the new way to announce your engagement, finally getting around to the year that was 2009 and also catching folks up on the life I live here as Another Delco Guy In South Jersey.

Somewhere along the way I may share some new photos, drop in a restaurant review or two and get things moving here again.

Sorry for the month off, but I am back now!

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