Saturday, February 06, 2010


Snowy Pine Tree
Originally uploaded by Cavalier92

We at Another Delco guy are up and about on this snowy Saturday, taking photos and assessing the snow event that is pounding the Philadelphia region today. John Bolaris is on Fox 29 saying that this snow storm will be one of the five largest ever, bigger than the December, 2009 storm and maybe even THE largest ever!

Fox 29 has a very cool new technology going allowing viewers to live steam video from their iPhones, showing conditions from all over the Delaware Valley.  The app's video is a little choppy, but still very fun to watch.  It's miles ahead of the guys at Channel 6 with their ancient graphics and stupid Action News ruler.

I have no idea how they are measuring snowfall totals, because the blowing and drifting has accumulations at my substantial, but not ostentatious estate varying from a mere 3 inches to over 20 inches. Regardless of how much we're going to get in the end, we will have some shoveling to do when it all winds down.


hchybinski said...

a little harsh there on the poor Channel 6 guys - no?? Afterall - they are still the most watched newscast in our area =)LOL - but then I have a soft-spot for them

Chris said...

I swear to go I think they just put a velcro sun with a smiley face up on the map to show that it will clearing tomorrow.