Monday, March 15, 2010

On Old Friends, Being a Parent and the Space-Time Continuum

Today I saw a friend of mine - a great dad - who I have seen only a few times since college.  While talking about our children, the years melted away and we were 18 again.  It was a good conversation.  Full of memories and laughter, sadness and moments of quiet.  One we have to have again far sooner than we have had in the past.

Our children are our link to all that is good in our past and a guarantee that the future will be bright.

While James Earl Jones in "Field of Dreams" who said that it was baseball that reminds us of all that once was good and it could be again, he was wrong.

It is our children. They are our link to the past and future.


hchybinski said...

continuing from my blog to yours and your comment on's not just moms these day - there's a great group (growing) of Dad-bloggers too. . .the "forgotten" parent if you will - out in the salt mines supporting his family. Dads are so involved in their kids lives these days - that they are building their own network of Dad-friends. . .different from "the guys" or "work friends" in many cases. I love the community it builds.
Hope you guys are all doing well!!

Chris said...

You are right Hillary - there are a solid network of dads out there. In my case they are mostly the 'baseball guys' who I know from coaching or rooting for John. We stand near the dugout and talk about our amazing children, what the significant other is doing with the other child right now, how the Phils look, the work we need to do on the house and how the grass looks better than last year.
Sometimes we get into deeper themes and occasionally we move into the next phase of guy/guy relationships - the pub bud. There we expand to talk a bit about where we are from, our bothers and sisters, may a bit about work.
If the ladies join us at the bar there will be talk of carpools to make life easier (guys never suggest this because then we would have no one to talk to at the events) and getting together for a pool party or barbecue.
While there are darn few 'daddy bloggers'out there - one of may faves, daddy democrat (see blog roll), seems to have gone dark last year - we stay in touch with Tweets and Facebook. The long form blog seems to be out of favor among the Daddy set. We're apparently ceding the parenting blog to the moms.