Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Canadians Loose on Broad Street!!!


As I was ordering my overly complicated coffee drink at Starbucks at Broad and Pine, the room went deathly silent. Four Montreal Canadiens fans had walked in and were being sized up by the caffeine addicts.

Only one had the courage to have his photo taken. Apparently the others are home from work because they don't feel well. There was a good degree of confidence that the series will be tied up tonight. Apparently they had been drinking their lunch.

Go Flyers!!!


These guys are visiting from Montreal and are actually pretty nice guys.  A shout out to the garage attendant at the PPA lot at 337 S. Broad who gave them a hard time but did it in a friendly way.  Take that all you folks who say Philly fans don't know how to behave!

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