Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It Was Only A Matter Of Time

I've written before about the nightclub atmosphere down at Citizens Bank Park. I don't think it's a bad thing, but things get out of hand now and then.  Apparently last night's Dollar Dog Night was one of those out of hand nights at the ballpark.  Among the 45,000 drunks on hand was a 17 year old who ran out on the field waving a rally towel. 

While the rest of us tuned into the Phils' loss saw nothing but Ryan Howard laughing into his glove, this intrepid YouTuber caught the mayhem on his phone.

This morning all Channel 29 and Steve Keeley are talking about is the use of the Taser by the Philadelphia Police Officer to subdue the fan.  How about we talk about how the kid got into that condition and how much abuse the cop had to put up with before he decided to take the kid down with an electric dart to the back?

I say if you run onto the field, you get what's coming to you.


Chris said...

And yes, I know the video rolls over the right column. It's the best video out there, but can't be cut down to my page width.

hchybinski said...

my favorite part is when they all stand around the kid looking at him. . ."what do we do now?"
i agree - if your choice is to be an ass - then you take your chances with what happens to you - I think it was a good choice by the officer =)