Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday Boy On The Bay


My Buddy is 10!!!

John The Snowboy
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Its hard to believe that it's been 10 years. On a hot, steamy June Monday, John burst into the world. Thunderstorms had rolled though over the night and the day was very much like today.

In ten years, John as become everything I could have ever hoped for in a son. He's great in school, has a wonderful sense of humor and deeply cares about his family and friends. John loves baseball above all things, but also is an avid reader and a wonderful writer.

It's been an eventful 10 years for him, moving from Media, PA to the Pinelands to Moorestown and finally here in Mount Laurel. He's found friends at each stop, from our first neighbor Joe Burns to the flocks of kids at Fleetwood School yelling "John!!!!!!" when I pick him up from school.

Last week his family surrounded him for a great pool party and i have not see him happier. Except maybe for when the Phils clinched the pennant.

Buddy - this is your day and I want you to know how proud I am of you and how much I love you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tiny Dancers

Emma and Natalie were wonderful tonight. A really great way to get the weekend started!

tiny dancers.jpg

My Little Dancer

We are on the way to dress rehearsal for Emma's recital next week. Emma's hair has gotten long enough to put in a real bun and she can't wait for makeup!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Girls' First Harvest

The first yellow squash of the summer has been harvested with a few cucumbers. Tomatoes are still a ways off but we're happy the garden has borne its first fruit!


Congratulations John!

John Brings it Home!
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John has had a great few weeks, from walking on the field with his MLB buddies at Citizens Bank Park to portraying Bruce Springsteen in Jersey Day to today's Fleetwood Awards, where he brought home two awards.

The highlight was his Presidential Academic Achievement Award, symbolic of his all-around excellent 4th grade year. Only 3 kids in his class got one.

You can see from his smile just how proud he is of his achievement. What you can't see is how proudly I am smiling!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Why Isn't There Outrage?

I've been musing about the fact that for months now, oil has been POURING into the Gulf of Mexico, befouling the coastline, killing thousands of marine animals, birds and fish, and generally destroying life as we know it along the coast of Louisiana.

And no one seems to do more than glaze over when the news shows the damage.  For the life of me I don't get how the public is not demanding that more resources be brought to bear on this problem.  Why aren't there pickets at every BP gas station?  Why aren't there crowds throwing eggs at BP limos approaching Capitol Hill?

It's got to be that we don't get just how huge and ruinous this disaster is.  I found a little tool online that shows you just how huge the problem is.  And here are a few photos to drive the point home.  And let's not forget that in the criminal haste to get the well closed up and the rig moved on to more profitable waters, 11 men were killed as BP executives were apparently clueless as to how their company operated.

I say it's time we declare this disaster a threat to national security and federalize all BP assets in this country.  When they are done cleaning up the mess, BP can have back what's left of it's company.  That's the same approach they are taking with the Gulf of Mexico.  Maybe things will move a bit faster then.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just When I Thought I Was Over It

I see this tool with the Blackhawks license plate and emblem hanging from his rear view.


Friday, June 04, 2010

Some Days Are More Interesting Than Others

Today I had to cross a picket line to get into work. I am not sure if that was worse than hearing dismissal appeals all day, but it sure wasn't much fun!


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cleaning Up A Bit

Sometimes things can get a bit stale at a blog or personal website or whatever this place is.  Spring is almost over, so I guess it's about time to do some spring cleaning around here.

First up is the Blog Roll on the lower left of the page.  I'm ditching some under-performers and bringing on board some rising stars.

Gone are daddy democrat, Gregg Henson, Under The Bridge, Fortress of Pillows, Long Drive and the Big Blog Collection.  daddy democrat was fun in its day, covering Delaware County politics and writing from a dad's perspective.  It hasn't been updated in 4 months though, so it's probably time to cut him.

Gregg Henson stopped updating last year and stopped being interesting long before that.  He was a blowhard when he was here in Philly and he was useless to read as a struggling franchise coffee shop owner and disgruntled Detroiter, so god knows why I didn't cut him long ago.

Under the Bridge had a promising start, but Walklett ditched it in favor of Facebook last year.  I stuck with it in case he started up again, but I fear his attention span is too short for blogging.

Chris and Tug Haines shut down Long Drive after the end of the 2009 season.  Tug is is now posting his insane ruminations on The Fightins.

Chamomiles Davis shut down Fortress of Pillows at some point and is now (sporadically) posting for Meech and Tug and the gang over at The Fightins.  I will miss his Villanova stuff and his occasional insane tirade. 

Big Blog Collection is a list of sites.  Who cares.

Also gone is InsideOutBlog.  Tammi has shut down that particular site and is now concentrating on Living in LoCo, which is now linked.

New to the Blog Roll is Megan Kutulis, with a project by recent a recent Cabrini graduate that I am looking forward to reading regularly.

Also new is a long-time (in Internet terms) Twitter friend.  Purple Car is by Christine Cavalier, a Philadelphia writer who is smart and funny and has a lot of insight about the intersection of technology and our lives.

And finally, Part Time Vagabond  is by another Chris Cavs, this one of Portland Maine who writes about travel, beer and life and takes some great photos along the way.  Sound a lot like someone I know ...

Anyway, there will be some more changes along the way, but I think these folks are worth reading and I hope you stop by and give them a shot!

***** UPDATE *****

A more widely-read blog aficionado than myself (my brother) notes that Long Drive changed things up a bit and now is at  Thanks Matty!