Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Labor Day in America celebrates on the most basic level all of the work that we do every day to to support our families, to pay for our homes, to fill our stomachs and to create. Create wealth, create happiness, create experiences. In short, we work to live. Unless you're Bill Gates in which case you work to give your money away.

It also commemorates the struggle of the American working class to organize and work together to eliminate child labor, improve workplace conditions and establish the basic rights that everyone who will head back to the office, shop or factory takes for granted today. Though the struggles of America's early labor organizers we now enjoy a 40 hour work week, safe places to earn a living, and for some, paid vacations and a chance at health benefits and personal days.

Labor Day has really come to mean a bit less than all that though. It's the holiday that we take to mark the end of summer, prepare for the harvest and to gird our loins for the coming winter. Kids head back to school, adults pull the boats out of the water and plant mums. It's somewhat less of a holiday than say, Thanksgiving, but more of one that Martin Luther King Day.

Everyone here at Another Delco Guy is going to spend the day enjoying the last glimmers of summer on the deck and near the pool. We will have a BBQ, review our fantasy football teams and enjoy the last before school. Enjoy!

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