Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The First Day of School

I've long thought the first day of school should be a national holiday. Given the number of posts from Mommy bloggers today, it seems that many folks either took the day off (me), or were a bit late making it into the office.

After I was informed that it was 'geeky' to wait for the bus with my newly-minted middle-schooler John, I retreated to telephoto lens distance to document his wait for the bus. Not wanting to completely mortify him, I skipped shots of him actually getting on the bus, and settled for a few during his 20 plus minute wait for Mount Laurel Schools Bus #1. He's the last kid to board and apparently some of the other parents did not show my restraint in capturing the morning's activities. Thus the delay.

As our bus (both kids ride the same bus, just about an hour apart) sped off, Emma finished up her breakfast and got herself ready for her first day of first grade by reading "Twas the Night Before First Grade." I was actually permitted to wait out front for the bus with Emma. Apparently the cutoff is Middle School. We got some nice photos of my little angel in her first day dress smiling in the long shadows of September. She was a bit less than patient during the wait. When it was time, Emma practically ran up the steps to the bus and was off!

And then there was quiet.

Now though, they are back with piles of homework for me to read and to sign, lists of more things that we need to get from Target and the Jackson Outlets. The first day went well it seems, for both the first grader and the middle schooler. John thought his homeroom teahcer, Mr. gaddy was 'cool, real cool,' and enjoyed gym the most.  (We've got a guys trip to target for deodorant on tap for tonight).  Emma said her teacher Mrs. Basham was 'super nice,' and lso got a hug from her Kindergarten teacher from last year, Mrs. Kinkler.  Emma brought greetings home for John from his teachers last year Mrs. Siweic and Mrs. Cohen.

Both prefer the bus to being picked up and dropped off. Neither wants to pack tomorrow, both preferring to chance the 'chicken patty' over the potential of being teased for brown bagging it.  Special thanks to Mount Laurel Schhols PR chief Marie Reyonlds for helping me though how to log into the cafeteria system!

Tomorrow the first full school day of the year, with lockers and changing classes as the new things for John and the cafeteria and lunch line for  Emma. It's only a 2 ½ day week with the secular and Jewish holidays making for a light first week, so we will be easing back into to the school year before reality sets with 5 full days next week!090710_1829_TheFirstDay3

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hchybinski said...

LOL - love the first day of school. . .Ryan knows to just ignore me and my pictures - it's gonna happen no matter what! LOL Hope you guys have a GREAT year!!