Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Freedom From Want It's cold and gray outside.  There is a hint of woodsmoke in the air. Geese honk softly above.  It's Thanksgiving in America.  While this has not been an easy year For Another Delco Guy, there is still much to be thankful for.

The recession finally directly visited our doorstep this year as Char lost her job in July in the wake of Gov. Chris "Chainsaw" Christie's budget cuts to schools across our state.  Through a ton of work and perseverance on her part, she has found new work since then, but it's been a struggle in a lot of ways.

We had to take the kids out of the schools they love a few weeks back, but they are adjusting to their "new normal" and have really been an inspiration to me as I have been rolling with this year's punches.  There is nothing in my life I am as thankful for as the love that John and Emma bring to our home.  Wether it's dancing with joy on stage or triumphantly striking out the side, they are really amazing children who have brought us so much laughter and happiness.

I'm a pretty lucky guy.  I've got a solid job at a great place.  I was able to get an education that has given me virtually everything I could have hoped for in life.  I am able to write, travel and live pretty much as I please.  My freedoms are protected by the service of men and women who I have never met and who place themselves in harm's way for my family and our country.  I thank them today for their service to our nation.  I also thank all the teachers and mentors who have helped me at every stop in my life.  I may not be where I thought I would be, but where I am is a pretty darn good spot!

The men and women who, in 1620, came to what would become the United States left everything they knew, persevered though horrible weather and hardships that make my life look regal.  After the harvest of 1621, the remaining colonists gathered with the local native Americans and shared a simple meal.  From that first peaceful meal, grew the Thanksgiving tradition we have today.  The values that they set forth then, of shared sacrifice, hard work, freedom of choice and providing for a community's education and defense are the foundations of our great country today.

A small tradition here at Another Delco Guy is Norman Rockwell's Freedom from Want, which always graces our page on Thanksgiving.  It reminds me of the great Thanksgivings of my childhood in my grandparent's house back in Delaware County.  This is our fifth Thanksgiving day post and Norman has been here since the beginning.  I am thankful for a childhood that taught me to not take anything for granted.  My parents and grandparents worked hard to make sure that we had all that we needed and then some.  I hope I can do as well for my children.

Today is my favorite holiday.  We will be surrounded by family and friends who will come from far and wide to our little house with their offerings of food and friendship.  All of those who will be here and the family and friends who are celebrating elsewhere but have been so incredible to me over the years are the reason that my life is great and Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year.  We will celebrate each others company, watch football, remember those who can't be here, become thoughtful about all that we have to give thanks for and finally fall asleep against each other in front of the fire. 

And that's the way it should be.  Happy Thanksgiving America!

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