Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What A day

I've not posted much lately and I thank you all who have checked in.  It's the usual. Work is worky.  Home is busy. 

So I've been waiting for a good reason to post again and spending a bit of time with my son yesterday.  John's a good kid, smart and funny.  He's ten and has had to put up with a lot of changes this year, so I try to keep my eye on him.

When he got a text message and said, "Oh, that's not good!" I was naturally a bit concerned.

I asked what was up and John readily told me that a fellow 5th grader had just texted him that he was going to kill himself. 

We turned the car around and headed back to the school for a talk with the principal.

John was pretty level-headed and texted his friend not to do anything.  He let the  other boy know that it was not going to help anything and that he wanted him as a friend.

The principal got through to the boy's mom and established that the boy was fine and had not actually done anything.  Everyone gave a sigh of relief.

I'm darn lucky to have two great kids.  It's just amazing how fast they grow up!

So if you're a parent, give the kids a hug.  They have so much more pressure on them at much younger ages.  If you're not a parent, I'm not asking for sympathy.  It'a a great job, no matter how hard it can be.