Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fantastic Four - The Best Character Actors

It's award show season.  Every Sunday night from here to baseball season will have some award show filled with B list celebrities on the way up, A list celebs on the way down and a pile of Kardashians trying to explain show why they are relevant.

We will have red carpets, Joan Rivers, the thanking of god, buddah, mom and that high school teacher who 'really knew there was talent in there somewhere.'  There will be inexplicable hosts, boring hosts, edgy hosts and has-been hosts.  and there will be a billion categories we don't care about.  Celebrity will be celebrated for celebrity's sake and darn near everyone will be over-exposed.

But there is one group of actors that I think don't get the credit they are due.  The character actors.  The folks who are so well-known for playing small, carefully developed roles that you know just the person they will be playing when you see them on screen for their first scene in a movie.  Often, they make the movie.

Who are your four favorite character actors?

  1. Christopher Walken - I am not sure if he is acting or if he really is certifiable, but he's pretty darn amazing to see on screen. 
  2. Phillip Seymour Hoffman - is you are looking for a guy who has problems, but is still sympathetic, you can't go wrong with PSH
  3. Kathy Bates - has ANYONE every topped her in the 'middle aged, cranky but longing for a new life' category
  4. Alan Rickman - what a great thinking man's bad guy.  from Die Hard to the Harry Potter series to Sweeney Todd, we is reasonable and thoughtful and scary as shit.

So who's your top four?  Have a great weekend and enjoy the red carpet!

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Jennifer said...

Steve Buscemi
Frank Langello
Robert Duvall
Forrest Whitacker
I couldn't think of any actresses, but know they are out there. Agree with Kathy Bates.