Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fantastic Four

History is happening right now in Egypt as a popular uprising appears to have toppled the Mubarek government.  It's live on CNN and across the internet on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Which got me to thinking of all the history I have seen in my life. Thus, the Friday Fantastic Four is BACK, baby and back in a BIG way!

What are the four most historic events you witnessed or have lived though?

  1. The Fall of the Berlin Wall - Nov 9, 1989.  This was arguably the biggest historical event in my life.  The Cold War came to an end, Millions tasted freedom for the first time and communism's stranglehold on Eastern Europe was broken
  2. 9/11 - I was in New Hampshire and I drove home listening to NPR, marveling that our nation was so fragile.
  3. The Challenger Disaster - January 26th, 1986 - I was in biology class when spaceflight was shown to be anything but routine and seven Americans lost their lives.
  4. Barack Obama elected - November 4, 2008 - Our country did what many thought might never happen and looked beyond race to elect the first non-white president in our history.

How about you?  What are your top four?  There is certainly room for debate for folks of my generation.  The older set has some other amazing stuff to choose from.  What do you think?

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