Monday, February 07, 2011

The Super Bowl Commercials - My Take

I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl last night.  It was a great game interrupted by an visually brilliant and tonally terrifying halftime show, spiced up by the best TV commercials Madison Avenue has to offer.

We can talk about the gritty determination of the Packers' defense, how turnovers ALWAYS have a huge impact in the Super Bowl, what drug the producer who though Fergie singing Guns and Roses was on, or we can talk about the commercials.  Everyone else is, so why not Another Delco Guy?

USA Today says the top 2 commericals tied for popularity were the Bud Light Dog Party spot and the Doritos 'Pug' clip.  I honestly didn't think the Doritos spot was even the best from its brand brands, let alone the best of the night.  (The best Doritos spot to me was the odd, stomach-turning one with the finger licker in it.  Are you really going to forget that one any time soon?)

My top two were both funny spots this year.  There were some good serious spots, including the epic Chrysler commercial 'Imported From Detroit,' that definitely deserve a look, but the Super Bowl is an international party, so I tend to lead to the funny spots.

My Numero Uno for the night was Best Buy's "What's a Bieber" starring the ancient former rocker turned former reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne and upstart, oddly androgynous pop sensation Justin Bieber.  I don't know what made me laugh so hard about this spot, but it topped out for me.


My second fave from Super Bowl XLVXBXLVVII was the Pepsi Max commercial about about first date thoughts.  Corny, yes!  But it was the commercial that had men laughing and women shaking their heads across the world last night.  Ya gotta love that!

Overall, I thought the quality of the offerings was down a notch or two from yeas past.  Clearly there was no Coke 'Mean Joe Green'  or Apple '1984' instant classic spot, but two trend really struck me.  First, the movie promos were uniformly blah.  I could care less about seeing any of those movies after those promos.  Second, the internet website commercial may have run its course.  I usually love the E-trade baby, but last night's spot was awful.  There were at least three ads from websites i have never heard of and have forgotten in 12 hours.  And I am reasonably certain 90% of the world has no idea who Danica Patrick is, let alone why she is shilling for GoDaddy.

Summing it up, for once the game was the biggest reason to watch.  The commercials were down, but they had a strong lead over what might have been the worst halftime show in history.  One week until pitchers and catchers folks!

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Patti said...

Chris, glad to see you are blogging again. Didn't catch all of the super bowl but am so glad I read your blog as I totally missed the Ozzy/Bieber commercial. Hysterical, you are right! As for the halftime show, I agree. Odd, very odd. It was clear that Will.I.Am. is the star of the BEPs, contrary to Fergie's belief.